i just unfollowed literally everyone on here - ~ - i feel sorta bad but this blog is inactive and i dont want anyone to continue following it because they feel like they have to!
if were friends or we were mutually following each other im sorry o ~ o
but i probably already follow u on my new blog and i just dont see much reason to keep following anyone on here

Hey do you remember where you got your dave wig? Sorry if i'm bothering you but your wig just looks perfect/ (You are really pretty btw ^-^))

ah crap i have no idea how old this message is but uh i got it off amazon! im p sure it was marketed as a wig for shizuo from durarara? i had to cut it quite a bit to get it the length that i wanted though. im sorry i cant provide a link or anything im on mobile rn. also suuuuper sorry for the late as hell reply :(
im not actually active on this blog anymore so if you even see this and u got a question u can send it to me @ yoostice.tumblr.com
ps thank u so much ur so sweet aaaaah!

i camE ON HERE TO EDI T A FEW THINGS AND I FEEL LIK E I DONT KNOW ANYONE ON THIS DASH Also ive gained followers i swear to fuck guys learn how to read please this blog is inactive usually like sometimes i will pop up like I WAS DOING SOMETHING HERE SO HEY but other than that no there is nothing



pcturtl answered: Tim Drake and Cassandra Cain - Eating on patrol






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